WOMAN WHO LEADS. (Nii-Gaan-O-Se-Kwe.)



 As well as writing at every possible opportunity, I paint (mainly in watercolour), create greetings cards and other craft gift items and do charted cross stitch and a bit of loom knitting. 

I love to read and I like to listen to a variety of different styles of music, Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi, James Blunt, The Webb Sisters, Leonard Cohen, Jack Savoretti, classical acoustic guitar music and many others! I am a massive fan of Johnny Depp and have seen most of his films. I am completely in love with the old 1980s series of 'Beauty and the Beast' (That has always been my favourite fairy story anyway!) I also enjoy watching Gothic type things and am a big fan of vampires!

I have two dogs, lovely Miniature Shnauzer girls, who I have bred from a couple of times. The puppies are gorgeous! This is the last litter we had to Mum, Poppy. Just three of them but little beauties!




And here are my girls. Poppy, the black one is Mum to those babies, black is an unusual colour for Min Schnauzers, but I like it! Pepper is the normal Schnauzer colour and she gave me 8 babies in one litter!


* * * * * * 

My mother, Jean, (who is now aged 89) hand crafts the most  beautiful, mohair  bears.




 For mohair bears,  contact me on 01254 385833.


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