MY PHOTOS. MY PHOTOS. Prize winner. Receiving one of the two silver cups I won with Lancashire Authors Association. 199572737 Mr and Mrs! Picture taken for article in local papers re the story about Chris finding out he's part Chippewa! Me with no curls! No likee! 141720501 The Ghosts Of Poynter. My first published hard back novel. With Robert Hale Black Horse Westerns. Out June 2012. 155450575 Crazy Man Cade. My second Black Horse novel. Out October 2012. 155450576 Secret of the Silver Star My latest Black Horse Western Came out on 28th August 2015 199572739 Number three My third Western. Published in USA by Prairie Rose Publications. 190705378 Second work for PRP This is the second story I wrote for America a long story in an anthology for Valentines Day 2015. 199013924 Eyes Like the Sea My third book for the American publisher Prairie Rose Publications. Came out in August 2014 199013925 Nice one! The cover for my new E-book from Prairie Rose. I love it! 199572674 LATEST BOOK. (Feb 2017.) 'The Gypsy's Kiss' is a contemporary love story with a supernatural twist! 203826595 June 2014 Me in garden Publicity shoot. Without books. 194261058 Ride 'em cowgirl! Me Western riding at Accrington Riding Centre in August 2015. 199572738 203826596 I'm in the WF! Great two page spread in here with me and two other Western authors - How to Break into Westerns! 194261109 Tribal Shield Sokaogan Chippewa tribal shield. 155450577 Publicity promo! How's this for publicity then! Diggin' that tat! 194261459 Library Writing Workshop Well attended Workshop at a local Library. I worked them hard, but they all did really well! 174758265 It's a Dog's life. Me and my first doggy playmate, Judy. 156426823 Beauty and the Beast! And if you call me Beast again, I'll eat you! 156426824 The Gang! Me with Peppers first litter of eight little beauties! 156426826 The Calm Before . . . . . . . . Aged eight weeks. 141720500 Me and my girls. Cuddlin' up! 156426825